Neon Belly Squad!

Neon Belly Squad. @insidebjj @insidebjjstella @mrandmrsflores @edak47 @ak47mma @teamsilvabjj @sergiosilvabjj @valleyfitness209 @pacificjudoclub @stocktonjiujitsuacademy #stocktonjiujitsuacademy #insidebjj #jiujitsu #teamsilvabjj #teamAK47 #franchiseRichFlores

Support Your Local Fighter!

Let’s give it up for Rich Flores of Sergio Silva Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Michael Martin of Yemaso Brazilian Jiu Jitsu | Sacramento BJJ Academy! This is going to be a great match… don’t miss out! These brown belts will battle it out for the cash prize at the #SPTElite2 event on Saturday, September 16th at…

Rase Peters Submission Only Debut

Our very own @likeasir42 will be making is super fight appearance @submissionprotour sept 16 in Sacramento so proud of you bud keep up the good hard work. Boom @stocktonjiujitsuacademy @sergiosilvabjj @teamsilvabjj @ak47mma @edak47 @frankiesaurus_rex @valleyfitness209 @pacificjudoclub @chuckwalker209 @mrandmrsflores @insidebjj @insidebjjstella @likeasir42 @courtney_dubois93 @lendubois #team47 #teamsilvabjj #submissiononly #stocktonjiujitsu #stocktonjiujitsuacademy #valleyfitness209 #pacificjudoclubofstockton #teamak47

Round 3

Round 3 this will be these two warriors third match this year. Much respect to our athlete @courtney_dubois93 on her third super fight this year and many more to come we expect great things from her so tough much respect. Ossss @sergiosilvabjj @teamsilvabjj @ak47mma @edak47 @frankiesaurus_rex @stocktonjiujitsuacademy @pacificjudoclub @valleyfitness209 @mrandmrsflores @insidebjj @insidebjjstella @chuckwalker209 @courtney_dubois93 @lendubois…

IJF Junior Olympics

Our very own green and white belt @stocktonjiujitsuacademy @elysiaurrea_ placed third today at the IJF junior Judo Olympics and received her Brown belt in judo. She stood on the podium as a purple belt surrounded by black belts and now stands next to them wearing her worn belt. To add another feather to her cap…


Congratulations to The Franchise Rich Flores on receiving his second stripe on his brown belt today. Always a privilege to train with dedicated practitioners of the gentle art. @insidebjj @insidebjjstella @mrandmrsflores @edak47 @ak47mma @teamsilvabjj @sergiosilvabjj @valleyfitness209 @pacificjudoclub @stocktonjiujitsuacademy #stocktonjiujitsuacademy #insidebjj #jiujitsu #teamsilvabjj #teamAK47 #franchiseRichFlores

Train Together!

Great Friday afternoon for jiu-Jitsu. Stop by and had a meeting with my sponsor @ak47mma @edak47 @frankiesaurus_rex always a pleasure meeting with #teamAK47 so proud and blessed to be apart of the team much respect. Then we headed out to Sparks BJJ in Hayward to attend a half guard seminar with professor @sergiosilvabjj @teamsilvabjj such…